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Game rules. I do gaming. I play video games Without cheating in any way. Game rules.
Dear Mr. Toscano,   What be better joy Than to form a gaming club To make a school hub     Collin Brown
The great faces of Markiplier Hi, wow, okay, bye And second, 'dark nexus for magickal  energies'... pulls a questionable face Wooooaaaahhhh OOO Kaa yy (not appreciating this bull) Monkey noises
 From the Sea of Ghosts with waters of black daggersTo the Throat of the Worldlooking down on us all   These are the mountainwhom I call homeSkyrim training my bodyMy mind, My blade   Prepared for the forestsFilled with treasures aheadI set off on
Playing my games is enjoying Playing with my friends is thrilling, exciting and mystifying We play for the challenges which are consuming Strategies makes us experience enjoyable and challenging
When I grow upI want to be a programmerNot just any kindI want to write video gamesMake a character run or jumpMake a gun fireRemoving bugsGetting feedbackMaking changes
She has to jump across this lava pit, The one that I designed to test her timing skills a bit. I’m in the chatroom with her viewers, cheering, But some have doubts that she’ll get past the level that she’s nearing.
Waking up in the morning it is the first thing on my mind, to practice and hone my skills until it's my time. To become MLG, a dream that I want to be my legacy.
Though I'm not outside,
This is basically an additional character that I created for the Canterbury Tales and is based off of Chaucer's writing style.
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