Disturbing Enough.


Here I am. 

All alone, yet somehow surrounded, by the lights, the noise, and the all the people, so slow.

Is it slow?

Or maybe I meant fast?

The worlds filled with TV's, and computers, and phone sceens that crack.

The big blue marble, 4 skips from the sun.

Was once so big!

And now is so small theres no fun...

The world I love has changed, and I have changed for it.

My parks, once wonderous, adventureful and fun, are now a thing of the past, I've done and quite.

My face, once so pure, is covered up in drawn on lies.

Hidden and disturbed, there's nothing left that nature could possibly survive.

My clothes, used to be picked out by my mom, all but vanished.

Too tight and too small, thats what you'll do to grab it.

Their attention I mean!

Yes, boys of course, but thats not all.

Weren't friends first?

What happened to running and jumping and laughing?

Its gone, all gone, replaced with sitting and chatting.

My world has changed, and my story has too.

I am older and more stressed.

My self confidence, depressed.

Perhaps its time for a reality check?

Where are you?

No not you.

The one with out makeup, spandex and jewls.

Oh, there you are.

Do you need some help?

I haven't been doing very well myself.

Yeah, I guess you could say it.

I'm sooo sick of my hair, I don't want to spray it.

If thats what you want then why don't you do that?

I can't! don't you see? I might look fat...

I think you can, and I think you will.

You know we like horses, the country, and chill.

They might think im weird.

I already do.

So does it really matter?

Only to you.





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