Always stressed

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Stress is like an elephant always on your chest, making it hard to breath and live a life like a teenager should. Stress is like a bag of bricks on your shoulders, you can always feel it's weight no matter where you go or what you do.
Dear, world… At times I feel as though I’m gone. I float above as she continues on, She had shut down no longer works, The pressure she feels has shattered her Earth, Yet she continues, on she walks,
Dear Donald Glover,
I vaguely remember I time where it was better, A time I could use to slumber, Grades, Classes, GPA all of it now seems to matter more,
Being overwhelmed is not a rainbow of fun, It is not a peaceful morning at yoga, Or a peaceful lake in front of you. It's not as calming as a fish. Being overwhelmed is a blank canvas,
A struggle it is To stand out in a crowd When your eyes are common And your hair is light brown I wondered Did they see me
when in doubt don't stress  reduce the mess turn on jams dont be a ham, DANCE  
Sitting at home, stressed with everything in life Don't know what to do anymore Trying to stay happy with all my might  Finally a thought pops in my brain I'll just play basketball
when the novelty declines. and disappointments are hurled to your face. down your throat. cradling your esophagus and beginning to break your bones. -find a way to breathe
Senioritis has hit me hard So I might as well be a bard And explain to you why I'm stressing.   I wanna be lazy  It must seem crazy But senioritis makes my nerves fry I'm stressing.
I come home in despair To a world that doesn’t care I open my laptop to a world that does And shop.
We College Kids. We ear-buds in. We   American Dream. We hooked on caffeine. We   procrastinate. We stay up late. We   deep in debt. We overslept. We  
“Intellectual, But average. Brilliant, But dull.” I am individual, I am a fighter, And I damn well am a woman with a voice.                               No single word can describe me,
A little girl, small and innocent. A pastors child, an adopted child, everyone loved this little girl as she grew more and more were expected from her "hey! my child didnt turn out alright. its your fault!"
High school was already a hell... stress, late nights, and humiliation the main currency, but at least we were free to be ourselves -at least they had that decency.   The "crisis" for my generation;
My freshman year of high school I didn’t think
No one ever said things would easy as you grew up There's no more play time , but hard work and responsibility They say high school is the best fours years of your life
Dad who knows me so well Who tucks me in tight with allhis might Who is a big soft teddy bear filled with love Who is always stressed about tis and that Who doesn't play games or do fun activities any more
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