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I am suffering  in ways no one can see and  won’t say.  My heart  is crying  but my eyes are dry,  My mouth spits venom on his name but. I feel sorry for him, I loved him. He liked me. 
My eyelashes divided, for the very first time the first crease in these lids, created to be mine the first photo taken, with my baby blue eyes like a canon with a cap, a photographer’s surprise
Mind of its own It thinks way to much  It expresses itself in crazy ways Mind of its own It sorts everything out  It views things very diffrently  Mind of its own 
  Im lazy Lazy because I used winter as an excuse not to go outside Im lazy Lazy because I used up summers precious time Im lazy
What is your ethnicity? I'm Hmong. Mongolia? No Hmong. Miao Tzu. Hill tribe of China.
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed. The unbearable pain makes me get what I deserve.
I am a seventeen year old girl who is as happy as can be, yet so lost and sprinting back down the well worn mountain path.
From a distance paced a young teenage girl. She holds her head down trying to avert the gaze of the so called 'pretty girls', who despise her appearance. Her existence to be in fact.
Dear mom, I am here to say I'm sorry. I am sorry I'm not the little girl you wanted me to be. I'm sorry that I'm hurting you. I'm sorry you have to deal with me. I'm sorry for not giving it my best.
Year after year, the same leaves don't die. The same people never stay but their memories remain.
I am... I am the girl that everyone comes to for support. I am the one who seems to be happy all the time...even if im not. I am the one who will help everyone then never ask for help.  I am caring and kind.
I am from flat lands covered in tumbleweeds                 From dirt roads and cotton wood trees
I am an insignificant bug Not relevant enough to be classified I will stay this way Or so I thought
I am from warm hugs I am from the smell of fresh laundry I am from the sound of laughter
Who am I? Passionate A friend to all
...I awaken with death sloshing in my mind...   I am washed up again on a liminal shore Where gloaming and dawn converge To wage their perennial war  
As im sittin here lookin at this little girl cryin on the floor I cant help but look at her and think she must be poor. And the reason shes cryin is because shes scared of whats past that door.
I was the girl no one cared existed, the girl alone, because I was the girl everyone resented. The young black girl, so shy and frail. Afraid when situations got worse, like living in hell.
  I Am. I am misunderstood, forgotten, and broken. But still a beautiful spirit waiting to be awoken.
I am from a mother of silky caramel skin and chocolate brown eyes. A mother who gives me goosebumps every time she sings. A hardworking mother filled with smiles, hope, and aid. Who struggles with love. 
I think technology has affected lives starting to act like zombies in disguise  their brains are dead their so obsessed bodies getting bigger while their brain is getting smaller
Oh, hey it's that guy! Isn't he so kind? Helps when ever he can. That guy's a proper gentleman. Never one to light a spark. He's a brght light in the dark. Intelligent is the weapon he wields.
She's broken she's shattered but her classmates don't see her pain. No one one knows the horrors she has faced. Broken, abused, and discarded like trash... Yet she smiles with so much life.
Jessica K.
I am a free spirited female senior in high school   with brown eyes and long brown hair silky and cool
Move like an ocean, 
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