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For so long, I kept holding on, trying to convince myself that all of this was for something, But I wasn't prepared for all of the hurt and pain that it would bring. I am covered in bruises, cuts and scares from head to toe,
A loss of life so young, The words caught on my tounge. A loss of a best friend, Made me feel like it was the end. She was only sixteen, It still feels like a dream. Memories of more than six years,
It was upon those rocky shores On top of the craggy rock Overlooking the tumultuous shore Of water rushing onto the sand And swiping at the blood there
heavy hope can be hard to carry, and an obscure future, dark and scary. here without you, why'd you go? didn't tie the knot, nor tie the bow. before you left, you kissed my nose
My play-doh set. My brown barrette. My high top shoes. My young views. My dirty shirts. My elbow hurts.                 My parents yelling. My lips never telling.  
I stand in a place that I've been once before, A garden of sadness that's watered with tears, A plot in the earth where I made an exchange: I buried my hopes and gave birth to my fears -
Today is the worst day. I knew it would be. My last goodbye to you Was yesterday And I look back To see what I missed A call, a text, a post Should I have Called you, texted, replied?
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Here she hobbled slowly With pain in every step, And there she’s dancing gracefully But I hurt, because she left.   Here her hands were wrinkled, Her hair thinning and white,
The opposite of love is time For time heals all Except the scars of love Love lost, love unsure, love unrequited Only love can survive the weathering of time   One day later and I still feel love
I thought about you then I wanted to fight for you I didn't want it to end I thought about you then I wondered how you were doing, I meant to call, to tell you that I missed you
The crimson petals of the past, remind me of the colour of your lips, the rain of your weeping.   Never did you listen, when the angels warned you of my curse, all I touched went toxic,
I'm not gonna lie it burns for me to say this faster than our love apparently you thought we should quit said you couldn't love me before you love yourself
As i watch you breathing I look deep into your eyes I try to read your face For clues of any feeling Pain or peace I know your body is tired
 It was in the clove of seasons,  the flowers were stained. The grass around was wet, from the night when it rained.   A tombstone now stands, where the bleeding tree once stood.
Why am I grieving over someone who made my life such a hell for the last five years?  
The wind on her face   The slight retrace; of what once was.   The warmth of his cheek   The breeze of the air; forever there  
I've lived long enough to know how it goes That lovable feeling, keeping me on my toes I've lived long enough to tell you how it ends The infamous "we can still be friends" But what I can't tell you is why
Pick me up I feel the changrin rise.
Can you save me, 
We walked aimlessly with direction happening upon that one perfect moment.                                     To Rest. Sizzled mimosa pours freshen my mind’s thoughts of you sweet sweet endangered—
First, you lost your mind  and I tried to help you but you were already  gone.   Next, you lost your voice there was nothing to do but watch you.  
When my Great Grandmother was near death in the hospital I was curious to see what an old person's butt looks like, so I kept standing on my tippie toes to catch a see
It doesn't seem like much, but it's been a lot. I've seen you a million moments, but it doesn't seem so true. Ijust wish for one more moment with you. Amillion goes by so fast,
Falling horizontalnow parallel with the A.M., dew drop, grassshovel on the blanketsof hearty, wholesomeearth.
They say it gets easier with time Pain and heartache “Everything will be okay, just wait and see.” But it’s been five years And it’s only gotten harder At least for me.
Dressed in black, a veil over her face, a new flag over the coffin of her husband. She was left alone with a bitter taste, a flag, and a useless wedding band. They had married, in love, with haste,
yellow was the color of innocence the color of our freshman year it was the shade of the v-neck you bought at forever 21, on our trip to the mall yellow, the color of the cheesecake we shared for mary’s birthday
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