Tue, 10/30/2018 - 12:56 -- MoJo97

There are days when I wonder why I try at all

Most things will end up fruitless

all that hard work gone to waste

Dreams don’t often come true for those who work hard

Life becomes pointless at one point in time 

Thus the void becomes and grows

It sucks in everything:



highlights all of your regrets

The people we love become distant shadows forever behind us

Our world turns to the dullest gray 

Only images of red or blue come through

Like the water in the bath

Like the river that runs down your face

Wordless images grace your presence

all of those faceless faces pass by you whispering

“Why are you here?” 

You look around yourself

Why are you exactly here?

Why can’t you be someplace else

All of this won’t matter in the end

Something pushes you

pushes forward

forward to that shiny blade

The pink flower blooms as quietly as a child sleeps

Pain reminds you

You’re still stuck here

but this pain

It feels good

good compared to that pain

the pain trapped inside

Broken girls

blossom into warriors

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Our world
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