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Time Bomb Constantly ticking down An invisible timer Even to me When it goes off What will happen Will it destroy everything Will it be a dud Will it even matter
One red line Insignificant Just like her Spinning around in a never ending world Never knowing where she fit in Constantly scared
She stares at the blade in her right hand the red lines covering her legs and both arms making it impossible to see clearly clouded by depression, tears, and self-hatred.
No Doesn't mean Try to change my mind Or try again. It doesn't mean  Repharase the question,  Or Tell me come on. It doesn't mean pressure me  By saying it's been a month
Sometimes, things hit a little too close to home too close for comfort other times, things hit home with a resounding boom, you'll hear everything come crashing around you
Every day I pass you I smile so you do too Every day you see me you look right through The crows feet and the laugh lines that mark my face Do not stand a chance against the feelings I  case
The only thing people define me by; "The emo girl with cuts on her wrists". Instead of discovering who I really am, they only see my many scars that lie on my wrist.
Someone with self harm on their mind is not "doing alright",Someone with darkness in their eyes cannot "see the light",Dont yell at them and blame them for things that aren't their fault, Cause they will believe it.
She knows she is going somewhere, but is she? She knows she pushed hard, but did she move? Her legs carry her far, but to nowhere. Her talents drag her up a high mountain only to drop her down into an icy water fall that keeps falling.
I have nothing,    Nothing in the slightest, but thats alright,   if I have nothing, you can't take from me, right? 
Ha, yah that’s really funny, that joke you just made Suicide jokes always are aren’t they? You know what’s even funnier? Being up at 4 in the morning on a school night Trying to talk your friend out of suicide
I'm lost in the sense of who I am and who I'm supposed to be. My brain and heart work just fine but they have the hardest time communicating. Don't tell me how to feel because I've known 
Fitting in with all the rest, There's nothing strange seen by her friends. But they don't see what she seeks to hide - Loneliness fills her up inside, Invisible to waking eye.
Trigger my hand to grab for meta
Work here and work there Work work work Don’t sleep Don’t stop Don’t think But stop complaining You are in control I do as you say I think as you think
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