A City Poem

It's a big world for sure.
There's no doubt about that
And honestly, that's ok. 
Except for my loneliness.
What with the world being so big.
It's hard to feel like we belong anywhere
It may not make sense, 
But it does I promise you.
Someone wake up.
I'm stuck in this limbo of nothing
Stuck running laps on an empty track
Sure I cover ground, but why
Something inside me wants more
Can someone give me a thought?
As in, notice?
Cause it feels like there's none
And sure there may be
Maybe this is just my personal drama. 
But I feel it nonetheless.
And that's what matters
All I want is to find something different
Someplace where I feel at home
Someplace where I feel welcomed
Instead I just feel stuck.
I feel like I'm inside a fish bowl.
It's clear, and people can see through
But I'm all alone inside
And there's not a corner for me to claim.
See I long to be known.
I long for that person who just gets it
But they're not here yet.
It seems like no one is.
It's all I hear anymore. 
Why do I have to wait while they walk by?
Why can't I be the one moving?
Could I even know if I tried?
And maybe not.
I guess I have to just accept it then.
But I will find it.
This thing I'm looking for is out there.
I just wish someone take my hand through the journey.
My thoughts are a mess.
My mind is empty.
I'm scared.


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