Chosen Grief

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 03:02 -- janedoe


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Inside me there's a life
I may not give
the chance
To live nor
To be a kid
Nor To grow big
I feel you baby
Mommy is here
Yet please my child
This world is evil
The world is cold
Daddy's got a baby girl
And mommy can't do this alone
But with you here inside me
I'm trying to figure out how to know
This is right
To never hold you close
And just let you go
I think I felt you
I'm sure I did
Is it to early to feel you kick?
The doctor saw mommy
Lose her mind
And told mommy that you'd be fine
He let me hear
Your beautiful heart beat
Then told me the reasons
Mommy and You had to part
See its not that I don't love you
Cause I already do
Daddy wouldn't know it
But we've already become two
Yet the doctor explained
That you would be sick
Your life would be full of feeding tubes
And all sorts of bad shit
Mommy wishes shed hold you
For one second at least
See baby
I love you
& daddy does too
We love each other
And want what's right for you
Daddy doesn't say much I know you've heard
He seems angry my child
But I think his grief has gone wild
For many hours I've thought
Of what I'm to do
You are a part of me
Even only six weeks or two
Please my sweet infant
Hear me now
For honey pie
I promise
I will and do always love you
And I think daddy does too
Be safe up there
I know it's true
You got many angels
To watch upon you
You'll be remembered
You'll be in our heart
Yet darling
This is a cruel world
You must part


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