Hot coffee

With plenty of sweetener

It’s warm outside

But I’m still taking sips

A paper cup, or a mug

Cappuccino, Espresso and Macchiato

Never decaf

Always heavy on the creamer

Add all the sugar

I say make it sweet!


You remind me of warm cigarette smoke

Blown in ring from behind a velvet scarf

Waiting for the movie to start

You stain my teeth but I still drink you in


Late night

Drive-ins and flashing lights

“Hope we don’t get shot!”

You say, not really meaning it


I want to think you’re like me

Sitting on hard floors

With icy fingers

Ignoring the things we have to do


Prop open the window

With Stephen King

And add a Tolken

We need a breeze


Sweet caffeine perfume

Fighting dragons all night until

The sun breaks the curtains

Saying “dammit, not again!”


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