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ink is bloodand this pen is wired up to my heart,rather than pop another antacidi’m gonna bleed onto this pagemy anxiety, alienation, and ambition  
Your smooth hands adorned my ivory curves as though you've never had someone to love and love you back. You followed the trail of my veins and sent electricity through my joints.
"Fear" is a pack of wolves. A thousand furry bodies. All the deepest shade of midnight black. Each strand of fur is a sharp, fine razor. Sharp enough to pierce a human's heart.  
I write to free my mind To suprise myself with what I find It gives me wings So I may escape and be alone on the sea   I write to free my heart From those who tore it apart It gives me shelter
   If I Could Fly   If I could fly, I’d fly to you If I could fly, I’d fly in the blue, And darkness too I would travel the globe, And bring back trinkets and doodads, With pictures of beyond
I pushed my hand against my chest in search of a soundbut my heart beat was no where to be found.what a tragedy I must be for my heart to have abandoned meI pressed a little harder but still couldn't feel a thing
an exhausted skelleton  merely clanking, rotting bones huming hushed whispered memories walking along this dark enclosed tunnel lost and forgotten  the purposes  the motivation of continuing
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