Broken Girl Meets Lonely Boy


This damaged girl coming from a broken home, no hope left leaving it all torn,
Not a single soul for help in times of discord,
What happened to all the love and care from her supposed friends?
Feeling lost and out of control  turning to self mutilation and wishes for eternal rest.
The lonely boy coming from a perfect home, full of family and joy,
who would have thought that behind all the smile and joy there a demon lost in the dark waiting to come out and rip him apart
everyone to reach out for, but no one to hold on to,
feeling lost, weak and alone led to mistrust and a broken soul. 
These two poor lost souls looking for love, 
willing to give anything for a glimpse of what could be or what if, but too scared for they might break even more.
They meet one day confused and afraid but hopeful and joyful willing to start anew
Now this story of tragedy and sin turns to one of hope and joy 
turning fear to courage learning new feelings once never thought they had until now. 
The damaged girl still broken and afraid 
but now hopeful for a better day with her lonely boy
to hold and cherish till the end of time 
never ceasing to persevere with that distraught look 
but still determined to turn her life around. 
Lonely boy still in the shadow of a perfect home,
not forgetting his problems leaving this world confused and afraid,
but courageous and brave ready to mend his damaged girl's wounds,
fight demons and ghouls because now he is no longer the lonely boy,
but a guardian angel of his precious damaged girl,
to go to hell and back to take her pain away that's his trip.
A reward with no price but to see his damaged girl's smile one more time will be the best thing in his life.
No more pain,
no more scars,
no more blood,
no more grief,
no more distress, 
no more hate for the damaged girl has found someone to mend her wounds
The lonely boy found someone to hold and never let go 
so "Allons-y", to live a life full of happiness and joy 
to form a perfect home with love and care 
I cannot wait for this chapter has ended but the book goes on.
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