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You look at me My liberty You smile, laugh, point What was once a democracy Is now an atrocity Totalitarian in nature But your fascist roots They run deep I see them
Beep, Beep, Beep Waking from another Sleep Pitter-Patter, Teeth-Chatter as I scramble out of the bed By a secret whisperer I am led I am not disillusioned by no means As I rise from my future dreams
The 1963 Birmingham Church bomb  <br /> Information found on  <br /> <br /> The blast went off on Sixteenth Street  <br />
Growth is better When spaced just right When things aren't Packed too tight When it is nice and Airy during the night Growth is better when Spaced just right Metal, hard, tin
Raise our bottles to the purple nightWe'll bend these floorboards          weighed down with our voices.Shout the doors wide openfling the windows up                              erupt into the
Boom. The last thing we had heard The last we lived The first We died. Our deaths were a warning. A sign of revenge We bombed their ships They bombed our town We saw it coming
When the morning arises and the city blooms a flower Rooted deep in the heart of man It spreads grotesquely in the light of the brightest sun Urging forward the time for murder and creation  
Bombs away/ silent murder
10 minutes to react Time to face some facts Watching everyone I love in pain Seeing happiness fade Everyone he comes in contact with turns and runs away He thinks he can manipulate people to have his way
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