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Shit, When someone don't love me what can I do? Am I supposed to wait for there sudden change in heart? Am I supposed to just be led on into this continuous train ride to no avail?
I was faithful, I was good. Constant in prayer with my Lord and Savior I knew Without a doubt that I Was safe in my Lord's arms. But then that blessed day came. The sky was bright and brilliant
All I Ever Wanted Words like violence Break through the silence whips, chains & blood What is truth ? columns of cement alabaster vestibules to run in the distance,
They say we only do drugs like we got no ambition, We take it personal cause deep inside we're on a mission, But people see only the worst like they got tunnel vision, They make us look so pathetic as if we got no wisdom,
  When at the top there's only going down One becomes stuck But cannot stay for long It is better to go down than to be happy forever
You see know i had nor an easy nor a hard life. Daddy a drugg addict one night even forgot i was his daughter Too young to understand what that night could really do,
Born a small pebble in the oblivion, Same as  many others, approximately trillions. The Man up above shining his holy radiance everyday, Never thought I would ever push myself that way.
He wa
When you don‘t know whether to hide Or to run Or to scream When it becomes too hard to risk
My body ached and that caused me to whimper The sound of my heart beat on the monitor scared me The IV's burned my skin I tried to speak but my voice was numb and my throat was dry
Though distance may be an obstacle, Loving you was never hard. 18,000 miles away, 14 hours different, It won't mean a thing, When I get to see you smilin' at me.
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