Behind her tears


Behind her tears

There is anger and sorrow.
Behind her fake smile
there is lies and fear.

She seems to be all alone,
No group to accept her.
Everyday she sits alone,
No one there to talk to.

She started to smoke and drink.
Hoping all the worries would go away.
When that didn't help,
She started to smoke pot.

As she lit up, what would be her last joint.
She thought about suicide.
No one would know...

The next day, she was the talk of the school.
No one knew why?
Her parents planned her funeral.
The star football player cried
The cheerleader felt bad.

Her little brother, wondered what happened?
Why he couldn't touch her?
Her sister became a drug addict.
One boy at school, cried for years to come.
Why didn't he ask her.


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