Beauty at Dawn

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 14:40 -- emazor
It has no bounds -
a sweeping utopia.
A vast heaven of...
Morning sun opens her portal;
rises slowly over her kingdom.
The dew glistens its departure.
Clouds of darkness break away,
from their inferior reign.
Birds chirp a melodious harmony.
The petals yield,
a horribly radiant glow,
as the sun lightly hovers
its seniority.
They proudly shine
their elite splendor.
Like surrendering hands lifted high,
they connect to earth as one.
Praise evident to their creator.
Petals stretching far wide
yawning to morning's wake;
unraveling their soft tassels.
Slumber of night
is rolling off.
The warming sun casts
an eerie glow down the stem -
firm in steadfast loyalty.
Leaves sprout
from random directions.
Its rough texture
a harrowing protection.
They bow downward
infringed with cold frost,
in surrender
to the sun's sovereignty.
The wild flower
extends in all directions.
The sun's rays casts
an array of petal-thin shadows,
emphasizing the synchronicity 
of dawn.


The flower,

a beautifully delicate example

of perfection untouched

by human's curse. 










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