The Basics

How do you think that way?

Not owning a thought in your head

Like a parrot, repeat what other’s said

Believing in lies

Worried if you don’t, the spotlight dies

Body made of magazine pages

You’re paper mache

Your life is cliche

Your words hold no depth

Nothing is real but your breath

Singing pop songs

You might live long

But you’ve never been alive

Staring off at the sky

It must get so lonely not knowing yourself

Blaming all your problems on your mental health

Believing prescriptions can save you

It’s time to get a clue

Stuck on a thought like glue

Thinking “oh they just don’t care”

But they do care

I care

But I will only do so much

Only stay stay so long

Until I leave

I have to take care of me

I will hold your misery

Try to hold mine

I know it’s sand

Don’t let it slip through your hands

This is not a one way street

This is not a game to beat

This is the basics

Simple interaction

Ask questions for reactions

I want to be your friend

But there is not a thought in your head

That is concerned about what I said


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