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Cock of the walk Man. triggered figured imposter. no one believes you.
With frigid hands and  Arms brittle as glass, He moves the sea to Reach what he at last  Has felt he now needs.   No mast, nor flag, nor  Anchor, only a  Foggy sextant and 
Stabilisation process to zenith Breaker line in the deepest Transfer empty checks for a momentary difference Fluctuations along shore surface Protection parallel to disturbance Oscillatory Difference
How do you think that way? Not owning a thought in your head Like a parrot, repeat what other’s said Believing in lies Worried if you don’t, the spotlight dies
And I'm still thinking why. . . Why did god chose me for this struggle on my journey Who am I, why does my appearance gives the right to judge me.
We are looked at as misled, misguided.. When really, it's these kind of people who save us all.  The broken ones are the true heroes,  not wanting any recognition. Selflessnes is their virtue, 
I  hate you. I love you. 
Click, Clack, Bang! What is that sound? Nothing, just another African American body collapsing to the ground How could this be the norm? How can this be?
Only in a nation With the world at your fingers, Can you lack consideration And fuel bottom feeders. You can see anything, Read anything, Be anything, But the only thing you want
I once believed graves beautiful, Magnificent scrawls repeating life after death. Bleached white and glowing brilliantly, Glossy stone records the Passed's name distinct.
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