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i still think of them to this day. why cant they get out of my mind. they hate me. i should hate them to but i dont
if you leave before i go if you stay find me in your shallows  
They used to hold me softly when I started to break Like a thing made of fragile glass to be treated With the wariness and fear of the untouchable. But not you. You hold me in iron embrace,
where do we fit?how can we squeeze?is there more to it or to the universe are we just a sneeze?   I often wonder how often other people pout on the pretty
In terms of Value, We judge loved ones by their actions, And strangers by their status.  As for ourselves, We often misjudge who we are, Which leads to consequences.
People come Like, comment, share And go   But forever His mind And heart Is for Her   His life Wants to Go away With Her And run Away too
What is Society? Society is a group of people who set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is apart of that society. 
  Skipping daintily on his merry little toes The Pied Piper plays his tune. And laughing happily as he goes His eyes do glisten like the moon.   He beckons on with fiery force
 I can't stand the thrum of them constantly flash flooding the room again with the sound of their dissappointments in the young generation  we are meant to simply fix the world with their inspiration 
blistered skin, that whispers flayed. my life, a cage, to which I'm chained. Haunting voices, following close, the creeping utterances, my subtle foe. feet trimmed by velvet,
Should I hold it all in...or should I cry it all out? But I don't want to disappoint them,  I don't want to be given the doubt. They think I'm strong. They think I can do better. But how can I?
Led by a Voice from within Words slip off my pen  without my knowledge.   They are not my Words  yet my hand delivers them.   These Words are spoken slowly, 
What stops us from going after our dreams, desires, and hopes? Is it the fear of disapproval, judgment, or fearing that you yourself are wrong? Why is it that we live our lives in fear?
How can I describe something there are no words for? How can I deny when the evidence is on the floor?   No, I’m not evil and no I’m no saint. No, I won’t trust you
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