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Today you will wake up again Today you will stretch and yawn And put on your clothes again To keep trying to move on   Today you will laugh and smile Because it’s what they need to see
  Divided are the lines Separation is in di’ keyDivided we shall flow beyond the bays. Not at sea.But never in the Midst of May Shall never be a frayIf I were lost in the word, Who am I or They  
Wake up mama It's not your fault, these kids today will never be bought, Wake up mama before it's too late. Your kids in trouble and he's slavin' after 8, Wake up mama
The stars that shine throughout the night Make a path of steady light The moon that shines high above Sings a song to the night with love The shadows far beneath the ground Cease to ever make a sound
Five A.M. And the world Is fast asleep My alarm clock Blares And wakes me up While yours Prepares To go off In an hour My tea pot Shudders
Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.  
I wake and I remember. My pug awaits. I creep down the stairs, Careful not to wake, The sleeping creature snoring like a bear.   I crouch next to him and watch him dream.
Sweat, wet sheets stuck to sallow skin. White light, slices through the blinds. My room in slivers. Morning, coffee rich breath and that stale brain. Mirror,
Verse 1 Only: Sleepin while we're walkin but now we ain't stoppin/ Culture be always changing but God stays solid/ People be croppin the picture they dissolvin/ Forget about absolute we want our own option/
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today We have become so consumed with a person's sex That it takes precedence over the person they are Who they will become
Hey teachers, listen! Make your lessons exciting! I get enough rest...
Planet Earth where I reside Created by Him, who gave me life Sent me here for a purpose to fulfill To set goals and achieve, to strive Our society is condemning Humanity is painfully amuck
Alarm clock wakes me Push snooze. Nine minutes later Alarm clock wakes me
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