Poems about Politics

As the politicians sell out to corporations Issuing permits for pollution and acid rain
(poems go here) Leveraging the in fairness communications method can clear out or break a work, and this is constant impartial for hefty
That election I voted my own will. This election I am not sure because everybody speaks with threat
Welcome to America As November comes closer and the ballots go out, I can’t help but wonder if my vote really counts,
John Kerry ran for president John Kerry lost his election Senator in 1984 Senator in 1996
1793 was the year I was born and brought into America.
Welcome to the Vanity Fair. Cutthroat marketplace society. As you journey past each booth beware,
A generation ago, one nation became free Though young in its nature it seemed to be Infected with woe, peace failed to last As bloody con
We tried hard to fit in but unable to make itWe’re stretched and we’re poked unable to fake it. 
How can a room full of scholars be considered just a room full of dollars?