Poems about Politics

Focus On Fl Communities
What are my chances of Actually winning? Does it matter? If I only try – does that count? Rejection
i used to need you like a car needs gas i used to need you like a bike needs wheels
Research Concentrates On How Foodstuff Advertising Creates A False Impression Of Health
A Story of Love and Betrayel on an International Scale.
There is one multiuniverse and two faces on a politician, three branches control the government of a rigged election,
There is one united states of america and two faces on a politician,
I have a song to sing but my voice is horse I have some sweet words to utter but whom shall i utter to?
  Cherry blossoms, look my way. Express the right way for me to go,
When I was just 3, a baby, a child, My mother would tell  me, of course with a smile,