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If you live atop a mountain Or under a hill Or even in a jungle As some people will   If you’re as short as a dwarf Or as tall as a giant As cowardly as a stork Or as courageous as a lion
I look in the mirror I see a reflection of a complection  that I am unable to read I see a teenage girl she is hispanic she has bags under her eyes maybe she does not get enough sleep 
Less flawed than most Imperfect-perfections spotted scales hairy knuckes   I am one of a kind   I am the kind of one who has wrinkles streaming from their eyes Smile lines
I Write to people that will never know they were addressed Make art with hidden meaning and my untold secrets
Im fat, Im single, Im a heavy thinker. I feel as if I am an outsider. But then i look at myself in the mirror, And smile because I know no one can stop me, Achieving my dreams.
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