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Maybe it was in the way that You told Aladdin he’d never had a friend like you Or in the way that You taught us that even adults can be kids In Hook Or in the way that
  Spending the day stuck in a simple bowl                          A
​The Laughs Memorable Guy,
There was an it once, about ye high and ye thin
My dearest best friend,
The stars go out and the sounds of bees buzz melding together to a low drowning humm.
Underneath my left breast carved into my ribs in powdered jet 8.11.14 the day the happiest man alive killed himself and we all found out that he was pagliacci   La Commedia è finita!
Don't you remember when grandma took that picture The one with our cousin steph? Don't you remember all the good times we had Together before you left
Change is constant, but not for the world.
In a world of oblivion All are forgotten here Some try for rememberance But to all there's an end So in this fast-moving world      I give my verse  
When the rest of the world seems like a movie reel Spinning incessantly Spitting useless nonsense Faster than you can process, But it's playing a beautiful picture You've heard
Four in the morning, mother was screaming             But the screams weren’t in anger, only slightly in pain             But mother and father smiled moments later             And everything changed
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