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My professor wants me to analyze a poem  And why at the end there are two  Enjambèd lines with only one word.    Who wants to tell this idiot
Can I bring my eyes out of my face and clean them Smooth away the exhaustive rattling  Of a hamster’s wheel Around and around goes the year 
Have you ever held a child as she cried?Have you ever hated knowing why?   There are many monsters to be slain So many innocents to be reclaimed.  
Laying like a corpse,  Dawn of a new day, Familiar sinking feeling, Feeling full of dread.   Struggling to get up, Herculean in effort, The emptyiness is familiar, Head for the shower.
I look back at pictures of our childhood, sweet grass in the curls of your chocolate hair, bright silver eyes that pierce the soul, pale skin, sunburnt by the constant sun of summertime,  
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