Emotional Exhaustion

Laying like a corpse, 

Dawn of a new day,

Familiar sinking feeling,

Feeling full of dread.


Struggling to get up,

Herculean in effort,

The emptyiness is familiar,

Head for the shower.


Getting to the gym,

Routine is key,

Pushing past the misery,

Huge desire to feel free.


No caged room,

No straight jacket on me,

Liberty is everywhere,

No physical shackles. 


This heaviness persists, 

Within my weary soul,

Lived life 8 score and more,

Only within the core.


As night beckons,

Further exhaustion sets in,

Can't handle anymore,

Wanna give in.


Finish where I start,

Laying on my pit.

Head full of sorrow,

Chest darkened, hollow, and unfit.


What to do,

To alleviate this total disarray,

Head spinning, heart slipping,

Tomorrow is another day.


With reluctant eyes,

Close for sleep,

Head takes me away,

A dreaded keep. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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