The Ugly Duckling

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Its a warm day and I'm near my pond The water is quite quenching So lush, nice and sweet Who needs the others anyway? Notorious masters of deceit They want me to frown,
We hold the tale of fairies To be quite the bedtime stories. But have we ever heard of how they came to be? What if we only had a tiny taste of the true cup of tea?  
There once was an egg left all alone, whose shell was slightly a different tone. Despite it’s color, a duck became its mother.   Weeks fluttered by until one day, babies came out to play.
Feathers weighed down by the grey colors Of melted snow in a New York gutter; Beak stained black with an unknown curse- To die, or live looking like this, which was worse?   Wonky-looking, ostracized,
Once upon a time… There was a mother duck Who laid some eggs But was out of luck For when one egg hatched It was a shock
Hated onAnd beat uponBecause the way they live Is "wrong" Who are you to take the role Go and take another's soul
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