The UnUgly Duckling

Its a warm day and I'm near my pond
The water is quite quenching
So lush, nice and sweet
Who needs the others anyway?
Notorious masters of deceit
They want me to frown,
little do they know that NO ONE holds my crown
No I am not loud, nor am I too proud
They assume this because my skin is brown
I don't worry nor do I fret
I'm reserved and composed
I don't jab back, when they wrinkle their nose
Accepting the facts, is their best bet
Again, I will not drop a sweat
Some in my community have called me the "ugly duckling"
Oh such lies,
Do I cause madness or am I the new praise?
Nothing is something and out is in these days
What can I do?
The song their singing is so overplayed
Night takes day, I'm more tranquil
Will they surrender, we will see
Yes we will


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