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When it is only you Like two halves of the day,  your perfection will be  Twice a perfect circle in degree  Within diurnal lights of the sky
What a nut What a crazy girl She’s lost her mind She is lost She has no guide Her pain suffers
                                 A man                                                         his deprivation.                        scampers from                                                               gateway to
Walking into my classroom Sitting on a stool Eating ice cream. Washing dishes Having a snow fight Throwing water balloons. Doing a car wash Dancing in the rain Taking a shower.
A gaping hole so void, and yet prominent. It's shell so spherical, as it wraps about its brittle self, in an unctuous curvature. A ring containing a nearly inconceivable number of atoms
You say you teach me how to think to say the things you say are true when the things you say, don't come from you. I say, you teach me WHAT to think to say the things you say are true
Whisper, whisper in my ear. Tell me a story no one wants to hear. Invite my soul into yours. Let me walk with you upon the shores. And when I have drank the thought from your mind,
The light has risen again I'm out of this bed, But I cant sleep and my eyes have turned red, trying to see things alternative to this bed
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