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I used to wonder who I was What I was supposed to be. I stood there amongst an empty field standing all tall, awkward and lanky.  My deep shade of pecan, growing darker by the minute.
Roses are red, violets are blue.  you said you loved me, I felt like that too. But im just a sad sunflower to you.  Depressed and obsessed.  I wish I could be blessed. By youre love. 
I follow the sun in all its glory  Wondering if you’ll chase me? I’m stuck in the ground  But you refuse to perceive me You refuse to know me Refuse to love, me. I follow the sun as if I’m its shadow.
Give me love, or give me time. Give me a song yet sung Let my heart feel your the one. Dont shatter my earrnings into pieces. I am not your piggy bank. Don't let what I offer go to waste
The flame of the match Burns so brightly The colors Red Blue Orange All colors that messmorize her The flame pulls me under Until the match runs out The flame in her heart, however
I love you because you make me feel like a sunflower. Warm, full of warmth and happiness.  You have taught me to unleash who I am  And grow like a wildflower. 
Open your door, and walk outside.The cool breeze running it's oxygenized fingers through my strong blonde hair.There's no need for negativity at a time like this.
"Face the Sun"  
When I think of how far i’ve come  i remember numb How vividly i recall the feeling of nothing It pierces, always stings Intoxicates and disables Scars everywhere, never fading
What compliments do for confidence. Sort of like sun ays to a sunflower absorbing all it can get, never mind the previous dark pitch.
When depression begins to take its toll I scavenge for earth, sun, and seed I let it take root starting in my soul A sunflower is all I need   Some days I can't get out of bed
The world around us is constantly moving Even the smallest flower is beautifully blooming. If a bud so small gets a chance to bloom A human so tall, chance as well should assume.
My beautiful sunflower  Won't you stay with me for hours I don't mean boast
Like a sunflower, I am growing.  As a child I was a like a seed, 
I am the child born on a late Winter evening. I am the woman you never desire leaving. I am the lady scanning frantically in libraries. I am the hopeless romantic ending February.
Saw you again today. Made me insecure because I didn't know which I wanted to do more;
In my graveyard minda sunflower grows high upand now there is hope.
The sun and a flower met oneday admiring one another's beauty and they loved each other, oh so much that they were the other one's, truely   "Ive lost my way!" the sun proclaimed
The light sunflower Diminishes through fall Until shriveled and dead
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