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  Exposed only a little  I tell myself in summer  In the scorches of  August  I tell myself stories  About your smile  Tell myself lies  About tomorrow  And the next day 
They had me… They had me… They had me on my knees… begging for me to return back Begging to redo my shameful mistake To redo my past To redo the few minutes that I had… to regain their trust.
Some people can be very ugly, And im not talking about beauty, Ugly behaviours, Ugly opinions, Ugly personalities, These people can be untrustworthy, Greedy and pretentious,
I lovethe way she shovesme down on the bed.Our heads/ spinning,with sweetnessbetween the sheets beginning. /
I don't really feel like writing today. I'd rather be naked on the ground, head-to-toe exposed, so I could really think and hear the pines rustle. I would bury my sadness in a funeral mound
I want to forget the past But I keep trying to make the memories last I know I’m only hurting myself
                   Who are they, not something you'd expect someone to ask about the people they voluntarily hang around everyday.                    Who am I, more importantly are their minds pondering the same loose question?
I am glue. I am born of mothers whose hope tosalvage deteriorating marriages, though strongcould not put their husbands’ nomadic hands at bay  
Well the first thing we do isn’t expose our feelings to our teachersI had this bottled up for some timeSo I was so excited about coming to collegeThe 2 months period of anticipation took all my previous knowledge
How do you shed layers at the risk of exposure to the elements?  When instead it is easier just to put on another jacket,  add another round of bricks to the wall, become another ‘what if’.
Loveless light of the moon Rises only at night Hiding Partially or Fully Stays up for only the nocturnal Full moon Completely exposed Not doing so often Goes back to a comfortable shield
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