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In the ages since the reigns of TsarsAnd after Stalin’s rule of the USSRFollowing Khrushchev, Brezhnev, AndropovCame I, the last Cold War Head of Gov    
2016A strange year indeedI've grown closer into an adultfrom a small child in need And sure I've changed a lotbut how much can really be new?could I be a whole new personcould that really be true?
Cold stars reflected in the water Abyss beckons us his dark distance. Our world, only one of hundreds, In which we can not see the sun. In this world, I am uneasy,
Aren’t you brighter than the sun? Zinged you there didn’t I? But I guess it can’t be helped, You are after all the Cream corn of the crop. Xeroxed your intelligence and Dang, more blank paper.
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