first time

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Don't explain to me  why you did it because you will do it again and come back apologizing saying you didn't know why the first time and the second time just felt right
It's weird the concept of time  and life  and love all unraveling in my head  being young  and confused  it's weird a year later i've taken a full circle and found myself 
First time in college, I learn to adapt the surroundings and the life as a college student, where good comes in to play with me, I can donate and have fun with other people.  
Dear Richard,   Did you know Pikachu has, Red Cheeks?   But you got me to My peak.   How can I speak?
As I watch the water flow from my hands a glance in the mirror reminds me that I'm still human & the heart must break to heal. Graphic and detailed memories Of a Broken Spirit. I've submitted to the
In my constant state of anxiety ridden gait, I shuffle to class, avoiding eye contact as to not converse, as my own mind is sufficient or inefficient enough. Passing by the same hallway everyday leaves me numb, as did the amount of infatuation tha
I find myself lost as if I fell from a peak The mountain I stand on is no more Tumbling down a sea of diamonds – all unique Part of an avalanche, a moving floor
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