After meeting you


I find myself lost as if I fell from a peak

The mountain I stand on is no more

Tumbling down a sea of diamonds – all unique

Part of an avalanche, a moving floor

Confided within, lost, no sense of direction, not a creak

No sense of alarm, just awe – I simply must adore

This beauty, your beauty is what I seek

I am lost, true but with you I can imagine how to soar

You’re my rock, the hilt to my blade, be wary, it’s sleek

When I took a path with no end, you were the door

You are a light in the dark, you are mystique

Will you save me with your boat, don’t worry I’ll swiftly grab an oar

I promise, not I, but you will be the cacique

We can start a world, I will get some ink and start our lore


Hopefully I can see you again before the end of this new week


Steven Braun


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