It's weird

the concept of time 

and life 

and love

all unraveling in my head 

being young 

and confused 

it's weird

a year later i've taken a full circle

and found myself 

and found myself back to you

i've fallen in love 

but never made love 

you're in the opposite position 

and because of experience

i know we aren't in love


i know it was right to spend my first time 

with you 

and now i've given up a big part of me 

to a person i'm not in love with

i'm okay with that

i wanted it to be you 

i don't regret it at all

it was great


i just want you to know i still think it's a big deal

and because it's a big deal

you're a big deal

i want to always feel comfortable with you

i want to be friends

i like being close to you

i wish we cared about each other more openly

because the chemistry feels like more

a lot more


but i don't want to read into anything

so i just want to be friends

good friends

i want to have love for you in some way

i want to go with the flow

but to start

i want to be friends

i want to trust you completely

i want to get to know you


i want you to know me

i want you to want more than what you have with me now

i'll always be a hopeless romantic 

and i hope it's okay 

that i want to be friends 

i want to be more than friends 


but for now 

i want to be real 

i need to be real

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