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Dressed in scrubs, with overworked, tender feet. Promenading and scurrying through the long hallways ahead of me. The anxious and hope that abundantly builds up inside, not
The order of the day. Trying hard to change, While I can still play. Hoping I’m still in range, So as not to miss the way.   There’s so much I can do, So won’t settle for average.
        Ever since I was little, I've always had big dreams. I vowed to accomplish them, no matter how impossible they seemed. Now that i'm older, reality has hit. If I want to be successful, a strong education, I must get.
Many strive to teach, judge, or bounce a ball But my dream job beats them all I want to save lives to change my own My passion is to be a doctor, world-renowned   Pain hurts my heart, all i want to is heal
Destruction, devestation, anger, lonliness. The words that have come and have yet to come.        Hope, Faith, determination is in sight.
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