black in america

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Things didn’t change in the past few years We just view things differently because our vision is now clear  We witness the uproar in our communities We witness the trend, the everylasting continuity
Why must we Observe these bleeding bodies On the floorboards of restless ancestors Whose lives were tainted by the scoreboard of oppression?   And we sit behind A phone and find
Brown skin, white palms, my hair is dark and always nappy I struggle to thrive in a world designed to keep me unhappy I go to school the teachers think that I'm breaking rules
When you’re born they ask how dark?Does my life matter?When you’re a toddler and people call you pickaninnyDoes my life matter?
  race riots race wars what the heck is going on   
when she told me, “Straighten your hair, just to see what it looks like.” all i heard was, “Straighten your hair, so you look like me.” and i wondered then, if i did
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