race riots race wars

what the heck is going on 


trying to figure out if there's a superman in the sky 
if there was, then how could the devil walk onto holy ground 
and shoot all his angels down 
don’t think too hard 
you just might find the truth 
strangers in a strange land
we don’t belong
and it's getting even stranger when being a decent human doesn’t exist
reverting back to the past because kids don’t want to learn their history
and adults are saying forget it 
it’s been too long
but time is universal
a made up theory
it doesn’t exist
something meant to bring order to a world of chaos
don’t forget
it's juneteenth yet our history is barely acknowledged
race riots race wars 
what the heck is going on 
they call this rap but all they're doing is "fucking bitches getting money"
and then they think I’m supposed to want to fuck them because they called me a bad bitch and threw a dollar in my face
get away
with that negativity
and then they want to blame the crazies for the problems we’re facing
and yea it’s them
but a real man can admit when he’s wrong
and change is a long way coming
running these streets isn’t going to get you anywhere except a cold bed
we have to find more strong willing men and women to lead this one
education, honesty, loyalty the keys to our destiny
but they’re outhinking, outsmarting us
and we’re blind to the truth except for a given few
and those ones are scared 
using anger as just another shield 
but acting out in violence can get a nigger killed
keeping us from the top and we’re falling for it
promises of fame and money if you trade your soul
respectable reputation gone with the old
and man i swear i feel old
when i think of the words my parents shared with me and i finally see
race riots race wars
what the heck is going on
being on fleek shouldn’t be a thing if you can’t get your brain to think
think past the superficial
yea, looking real pretty in that casket
real cute walking down that run down neighborhood
clothes too tight, weave too long
baby been cryin' for too long
because you don’t have food anymore
and it’s a vicious cycle
rather hire megan over ajah, matt over dante
our faces brings fear to their world
but theirs is worse to me because it’s the devil dressed as a sheep 
dressed all pretty and ready to eat
and so we’re pushed back, forced back to the streets
education is still the key 
but we’re not building each other up 
we’re still tearing down 
so we can’t afford to get our young ones out, our future out 
and so they pop another baby out to grow up weak 
and living the life of “black privilege” and that’s what it means to be a minority 
not working up, stuck on the same plane and we’re going down 
black on black crime and they’re finishing the job, becoming open with their hate 
it doesn’t matter 
we have one in office but he’s in-between them and us, but his status pushes him up and so he’s not worried about us 
no I take that back
one man can’t make a change
it takes a community to back him up
but we need one in power to get our words out and make them see that yes we matter
race riots race wars 
what the heck is going on
ready for the day i don’t have to live in fear
knowing karma found her target and everything is going to be okay
waiting for the day i don’t have to say another word about race riots race wars because racism is no more
This poem is about: 
My country


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