mother's love

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If my heart had a voice,    It would make a million wishes.       And, from each wish          a million stars would fall,             each one shattering the silence, cutting through the walls.  
You only see my tears when I laugh But can't see my wounds and scars inside. You only listen to what you hear
  FIRST STORY: The Beautiful Boy   Once upon a time, there was a woman. A princess of beauty, a lady of nobility, A damsel of good-nature, a virgin of purity, Were all fair titles she owned not.
My bearer of life Example of responsibility Provider of all necessities Firm, yet fair disciplinarian Architect of dreams Moral compass My Mother.   Problem Solver
On Sunday mornings the slips of light that shine through 
He lays there alone in his crib His eyes flutter shut And he sleeps   Alone in his crib with a blanket over his feet And he sleeps dreaming of the future  
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