If my heart had a voice (February 2017)

If my heart had a voice,

   It would make a million wishes.

      And, from each wish

         a million stars would fall,

            each one shattering the silence,

cutting through the walls.


They would whisper your name,

   No, they would scream it out loud,

      for all to hear

         how I long for you

to come home to me.


And those screams would be carried

   across the mighty oceans,

      blaze across the endless sky

         in purples,

            and reds,

               and blues,

Scattering all its hues.


They would smash mountain stones to smithereens,

   burst through forests and trees

      and splinter dreams.

         And I would hope

            that at least one wish

would get through to you.



Yet, it has none,

   no voice of its own,

      not even a whisper,

         except this pounding,


               in my chest.

                  An endless chasm of pain

                     yearning to burst open,

to slowly wither away.


So, I quietly say your name.


   I simply say your name.


      I can only say your name.


This poem is about: 
My family


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