sexual assult

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boiling water rainow blade knives how do i get him out of my eyes?   dripping arms Dark grey skies how do I forgive myself for believing his lies?   how do I scrub
Its cold. Is it? Im cold Im shaking, shadows moving lights blurred Light? No wrong no lights. Its late Where am i? Home. No. Yes? No, not home. I hear a fan. Whirling, twirling, cold.
Empty Spaces by, Imani
My roommates hosted a house party My friends were there Strangers were there There was alcohol Then there was you I didn’t know you You called me your girlfriend after one conversation  
A cloud of smoke suffocating this generation Drugs and Alchol seems to be the only way out of this rotation Flirting with depression and anxiety before we even flirted with compound words in our diary
So I heard you and Pharrell Williams wrote a song together. Who the song belongs to is mutual blame. But Blurred Lines is such a catchy song, why wouldn't you want to claim it.
His kisses are the stains of black and blue that decorate my pale skin, like proclamations of affection shouted into the void, they forever float, a reminder of our romance a reminder that He loves me
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