One of the lucky ones

My roommates hosted a house party

My friends were there

Strangers were there

There was alcohol

Then there was you

I didn’t know you

You called me your girlfriend after one conversation


You got drunk my friends refused to leave me alone with you

You were fine sober

When drunk I’m scared of you

Even now I refuse to be around you sober

Drunk you is a monster waiting to strike


You kissed me

And kissed me

And kissed me

And kissed me

Even though I stood there frozen unable to move


I kept the door locked afterwards so no one could get in

I was afraid to leave my room

My friends wanted to go to the bar

You were going to stay

After all I was staying


My best friend convinced them to stay

She refused to leave

She didn’t trust you

Not with me alone with you

She was right to

I was afraid of you

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