Dear Robin Thicke

So I heard you and Pharrell Williams wrote a song together. Who the song belongs to is mutual blame. But Blurred Lines is such a catchy song, why wouldn't you want to claim it. Sure you ripped off the melody and sutured it into a frame that even the Kardashians can understand but what song isn't plagiarized these days. I heard it got banned from YouTube for nudity. Why did the women have to be naked? Was it a metaphor for opening your heart and being open and naked around your lover? Were you using their bodies as props to make a point? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt so please help me understand.  The title is very intriguing .What do you mean blurred lines? What was your greatest inspiration? Or the better question, who. Who's lines did you blur? What was her name? I'm sure it isn't bitch, although that's the name you gave her. How is she a bitch? As you said, she is a good girl. how could the way she grabbed tell you know she wanted to get nasty. Please tell me Mr. Thicke. How can you know if you never asked. Maybe your bodies were lost in translation. Maybe you mistakes her drunkin tumbling body for a mating call. Maybe she just wanted to hug you. What rhymes with hug me, Mr. Williams? Who gave you the authority to drug her consent into submission? Bend over her morals so you can screw her mind. She gave you a line. Consent is always clear. Yes means yes no means no. And if she cant give you a straight answer she is in no condition to "get blasted " I'm a nice guy but don't get confused you're getting it." That doesn't make you a nice guy. Nice guys don't break a women in like a horse so you can ride her.  No more pretending you're a nice guy Mr. Thicke  I Can't let it get past me.  What did y'all's moms say when you hit the top 100? Hit, what a fitting word. Was your father proud he " made a man" out of you. Is that how he taught you to treat women. As the song says, she makes it almost unbearable. Are you telling me Her body was too beautiful not to break open. why did you want her to Do it like it hurts. What you don't like work? You know she didn't like it so why didn't you stop.


I found what the Foxx said. "Just one more cup and I know you're Down blame it on the alcohol. "Thanks Jamie Foxx for the clarification.


Thats when things got out of control.

 She didnt want to, he had his way.

 She said, lets go

 He said, no way!

 Come on babe its your lucky day.

 Shut your mouth, were gonna do it my way.

 Come on baby don't be afraid,


Now Robin, I know you're not the only Artist teaching boys how to break woman open. You're just one I used to Tolerate. I was not put on this earth to make you feel like a man. Whatever that means. Dear Mr. Thicke, I hope when you have a  daughter, no one considers her body too beautiful not to break into.


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