environment awareness

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Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Reuse! Reuse makes sense. It repurposes waste, Which includes both plastic and ink. Reuse!
Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
There is an abnormal businessman Who is a corporate partisan. He taints all oceans with oil, Which contaminates the soil. Afterwards, he is a garbageman.
A falling daffodil Leaning, Screaming, Dreaming. Giving off radiance from its resilience.   Shining, Blinding, Posing, but never closing Its petals
Everywhere I look, all I can see is garbage To my left I see my friend, drowing in pollution To my right I see another suffocating on plastic Above me there is so sun, no light, no warmth
  Forest all around No compass can direct Our guide where to go He is lost He wanders Aimlessly We are lost
Often times, as we progress through life, we find ourselves at a crossroad between knowing and the abyss of not knowing. How can we be so sure that knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss? Simple.
As gentle breezes dances through the leaves, you know As the sun streaks the sky to find The daisies, embedded in freshly, fallen snow, All witness the tragedies of mankind.
i. the cacophony of capitalism mutes the euphony of birds   ii. you can still hear it the harmonizing of birds against the white noise of construction
hanging like little cosmic clouds not knowing how transiently they will be pruned to adorn synthetically scented rooms
Swift, brisk, and bright weather continues from the night Shake, break and crumble the earth begins to rumble Sway, soak and breath plants sprout from underneath Pounce, run and flee
When the birds stop singing And the grass is dry When the heat is overwhelming, Goodbye, Goodbye.   Never again seeing, or hearing the cry, Of the wolf howling, Goodbye, goodbye  
Shining down, falling up Spun in circles Flung left, pulled right Not sure where to stand I find the ground, Plant my feet, and begin to grow. My roots grow deep. My arms stretch high.
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