Curiosity for Better or Worse

Often times, as we progress through life, we find ourselves at a crossroad between knowing and the abyss of not knowing.

How can we be so sure that knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss?


It all has to do with your gut feeling. That's right, isn't it so simple now?


The answer to the questions isn't if knowing will help you or if it will hurt you, it will come down to whether it is good or bad. The way life goes, the hardest decisions will put your values to question and then you must ask yourself if to do or to not. Simply put, as a child, you may ask so many questions because the world is new to you. Curiosity plays a role in whether you want to know what that feeding utensil called a spoon is , or if it really is just an airplane carrying with it a cargo of baby food. It is right to ask because it is curiosity that becomes so innocent that it is good for you to know. All through grade school, middle school and even through and past college, teachers have always encouraged students to ask questions because knowing is good and knowledge is power. Now what comes when knowledge is bad? Do we ask ourselves if it is right to ask? Let's take an example where knowledge has done us harm. Traveling to space made us knowledgeable about what might be beyond our Earth but did it really make us better and was it a right decision? Many have lost their lives attempting to know the unknown, but what might happen when we finish knowing the universe? We will surely use the most that we can once we do explore the solar system. Which goes to show that in finding knowledge we allocate the mystery and resources of that of exploring for sure curiosity. Using knowledge to fill our void of curiosity is often times not even thought of as being bad because we were not made for going further than our planet. Many bad things can result and we could risk a lot just for knowledge. Another example is the rainforests and ecosystem preservation. We explore jungles and various other ecosystems to document and store all that we have in our planet. However, it becomes a bad things whenever the use of endangering animals, destroying ecosystems as well as diminishing the global health of our planet when we come to find out that places such as the rainforest have resources that we could use to better our lives and raise our standard of living. So then we must ask ourselves, what if we never found such a place in the first place? We would have a bountiful earth that could spread its resources to areas we do know and replenish our health as well as preserve that of the rainforest. In this scenario we are using our knowledge for good in the aspect of saving us and the planet. We can fill our void of curiosity in a healthy manner and gain  power from knowledge, we should just be more considerate with that power that comes from knowing.

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