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Where are you ?  I hear you but I don't see you i listen closely  I hear the passion from within your voice 
                             When I was born you were not there for me ....,,,.,...   . .My last name should have been Lewis not Jackson but you let your family members feed you lies saying "shes not yours she too red to be yours" you believed the...
Daddy Papa Father   As your only son What do I call you? Never in my life Nothing going on Shadow from my past Everthing is moving too fast
Can you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter to you? Why won't you listen? Will I ever impress you? I work so hard, everyday, to impress you.  Why don't you care? Why am I so worthless to you?
daddy daddy please keep your eyes on me? please leave your smile at my face? please set your attention here?   at the park daddy, push me on the swing? watch carefully
Daddy why did you leave me ? I was the spitting image of you did the pink baby room or Winnie the pooh outfits mean nothing to you How about the little girl daddy in superman caps trying to be like you 
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