Mommy was there

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 23:15 -- jazmine


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Daddy why did you leave me ?

I was the spitting image of you did the pink baby room or Winnie the pooh outfits mean nothing to you

How about the little girl daddy in superman caps trying to be like you 

Daddy daddy i thought you were my hero my superman 

But you were so quick to denie that it was your nose and your smile and your little girl

Was it not proof enough that i belonged to you that we have the same blood in our vains 

Daddy daddy you were suppose to be my sunshine daddy i just wanted to be in your shadow 

Daddy daddy is that why you left me cause im not the son you wanted me to be ?

Merry Christmas and happy birthday daddy ? were is my daddy

All the unused ribbon was just waiting to unravel my scares DADDY DADDY WERE ARE YOU 

Daddy daddy your phone did not ring when i called 

Instead it said the phone you have called has been disconnected 

Daddy i was wondering why couldn't you love me your first and last born ?

Is it because im not like your step kids daddy ? daddy ill be like them will you love me now daddy ?

Daddy little girls need their father why couldn't you be their for me ?

I guess its a good thing i could always call mommy mommy 

Mommy answered my every call .


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This is really nice.


Beautifully done. 




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