For mike

Where are you ? 

I hear you but I don't see you

i listen closely 

I hear the passion from within your voice 

I hear you but I don't see you 

you've ignored me once again 

I wait til late 

to hear if you're still there 

where are you ? 

It's 11am I'm waiting in this empty vessel I call my body 

I'm not entirely there

only because I feel most alive 

whenever you're near 

where are you ? 

I hear a ringing now. 

Its you !  You've come back to me ! 

But it's not your voice. its something else 

it's the mechanism I use everyday to keep in contact 

it's not your sweet voice it's just words. 

Words can't compete with your voice. 

Its a text

I fear you've forgotten because it's not what I wanted to see 

I wanted to hear your voice 

where are you I don't hear you .... At all 

This poem is about: 
My family


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