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A piece of paper That's all it is So much pomp and circumstance  preparation & pride  for a flimsy declaration  that can be burned, and earned by the bottom of the barrel  
I'm the king of being the best I can be at all times. I don't want to brag, but hey, I think I'm the choosen one.  
It's funny We let what we do,say,and wear Define us That's not what matters We are our actions,our desires,our words We lead lives that allow us to hide We hide because we're scared
There were times when I wasn’t happy with who I was. There were times I was too confident in myself There were times where all I wanted to do was run and hide.
Wherever I am, As long as I’m out, Over the blue waters I go To catch some trout.   But never after a full moon. That’s when they have their feasts. With the moonlight shining over the water,
why do I write?? Who do I want to hear me? Who am I crying out in anguish to? My parents.....
My time will come When I break free from this pressure When I grab the chance to shine When I find my peace
Seeing is to believe, and believing is to dream. Dreaming isn't opening our eyes to reality but giving us the ability to build a new mentality.
My teacher asked me what a quality classroom should look like.   And sound like.   And feel like.   I'm a junior. So exactly why does that matter.  This is high school.  
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