A Missing Piece?

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 00:07 -- Cici97

Seeing is to believe, and believing is to dream. Dreaming isn't opening our eyes to reality but giving us the ability to build a new mentality. Am I hopeing to be apert of this so called "American Dream" because I'm dreaming of fame is it a shame? I want knowledge too, are those too the same? Being apart of somthing bigger than myself is what I am aiming for, while I am sitting down ready to explore there are oppurtunties that are being ignored. But I feel the oppertunites that I'm choosing are the ones I'm already at risk of losing. So should I continue to follow my heart or risk getting shot with a dart. See then I'll have to begin a new logical start. But then I will no longer be dreaming hince no longer believing. I will begin to become like others and choose between the topic "red or blue" and not leave the box to find another clue. So here I ask which one are you?          ggggdesgggvvgg vcxgmfnfdh 


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